Seven Tips to Success on YouTube

The Best Companies on YouTube in 2018

“We all know that YouTube reaches just as many, if not more, people than any of the existing cable networks.

However, what might be surprising is that the volume of videos uploaded per company is increasing tremendously. In total, the companies on our list have, during the past year, generated over 178 million views on YouTube.

You can also see a clear change among the types of companies that are actively using YouTube. When comparing 2014 and 2018, we see that YouTube was previously used largely by the retail industry but is now being used by all industries,” says Peter Söderlind, CEO of Chimney Sweden.

Seven Tips to Success on YouTube

1. Place the message you want to communicate at the beginning of the video. Viewers rarely watch the video until the end.

2. Make sure that the title of the video answers a question or tells the viewers how to solve a problem– this is a key factor in driving traffic from Google.

3. Add a clear link to your company or product. It should be a clickable link in the subject field, not just text in the video.

4. Add the video to a playlist along with other relevant videos, which will lead the viewer to more of your content.

5. Upload material frequently. Do not upload all videos at the same time if you have multiple videos ready. Spread out the publishing over a couple of days or weeks so that the channel appears live and current.

6. Use an eye-catching thumbnail. You want your video to stand out.
7. Think of YouTube as a fast and cost-effective platform to increase your reach, and follow up with optimized videos for Facebook.

YouTube has gone from being a platform where you can experiment with new ideas, to becoming an important part of our communication strategy. YouTube allows greater freedom, more interaction, and a higher engagement.

ChimneyGroup – Puffing from Sweden (and NY)

Agencies, CultureNovember 28, 2018

It’s no surprise Facebook isn’t in the top 50 amongst the likes of Instagram and YouTube, the platform lost its relevance for under 30s for many reasons.

In the UK (and most likely the US based on recent news) Facebook has lost it’s appeal to Under 30’s

• A survey of 1,000 under-30s was conducted by youth creative agency ZAK

• It found the social media giant had slumped in popularity among youngsters

• Cambridge Analytica said to have harvested data to sway voters to back Brexit

Facebook has failed to feature in a list of brands popular with under 30s as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube top the list. The news comes in the wake of an investigation into Cambridge Analytica which is said to have plundered Facebook data to sway voters to back Brexit and Donald Trump. The social media giant, which has more than 2.2bn active users worldwide, has slumped in popularity with the under-30s – now not featuring in a list of top 50 brands voted for by youngsters.

A survey of 1,000 under-30s conducted by youth creative agency ZAK found that the top brand was Netflix, followed by Amazon and YouTube. The 50th top brand was Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, which got a measly 0.4 per cent of the vote – but still trumped Facebook, which wasn’t even listed.

  • 1.Netflix 23.9%
  • 2.Amazon 19.1%
  • 3.YouTube 17.3%
  • 4.Apple 14.1%
  • 5.Google 12.9%
  • 6.Primark 12.5%
  • 7.Instagram 12.4%
  • 8.Nike 9.7%
  • 9.ASOS 9.4%
  • 10.Spotify 8.9%


  • 11.Domino’s 8.2%
  • 12.BBC 7.7%
  • 13.Adidas 7.5%
  • 14.Nando’s 7.3%
  • 15.IKEA 7.2%
  • 16.Lush 6.4%
  • 17.PlayStation 6.3%
  • 18.Superdrug 5.5%
  • 19.Zara 4.7%
  • 20.Starbucks 3.5%


  • 21.Wagamama 3.4%
  • 22.Calvin Klien 3.2%
  • 23.Topshop 3.1%
  • 24.TripAdvisor 3.1%
  • 25.MAC 2.9%
  • 26.BrewDog 2.8%
  • 27.Smirnoff 2.6%
  • 28.JD Sports 2.5%
  • 29.Airbnb 2.1%
  • 30.Nyx cosmetics 2.0%


Matt Bennett, chief creative officer of ZAK, said: ‘It’s no surprise Facebook isn’t in the top 50 amongst the likes of Instagram and YouTube, the platform lost its relevance for under 30s for many reasons.

‘Primarily, they use it to keep up with cross generational groups, family, work colleagues, etc, and after a chequered year and an algorithm change this is increasingly Facebooks own direction to rebuild trust in their platform.

‘So by definition content on there isn’t something under 30s feel is tightly targeted to them.

‘Messenger gets a poor image by association and has too much competition so they’re finding increasingly tough to retain younger users too.

‘Where our groups are hanging out is closed social platforms such as WhatsApp, platforms that are more interest specific such as Twitch and obviously the big two for social media are Instagram and Snapchat who are adding fun and functionality all the time.’

  • 31.Charlotte Tilbury 2.0%
  • 32.Missguided 2.0%
  • 33.Jägermeister 1.9%
  • 34.Strongbow 1.9%
  • 35.Now TV 1.8%
  • 36.Tommy Hilfiger 1.8%
  • 37.New Balance 1.6%
  • 38.GoPro 1.5%
  • 39.Uber 1.5%
  • 40.TUI 1.5%


  • 41.Monster Energy 1.5%
  • 42.Rimmel 1.4%
  • 43.Patagonia 1.3%
  • 44.Gymshark 1.3%
  • 45.Time Out 1.1%
  • 46.Bacardi 1.1%
  • 47.Balenciaga 1.0%
  • 48.Huda Beauty 0.9%
  • 49.Supreme 0.7%
  • 50.OnePlus 0.4%