Agencies, Culture, DesignDecember 12, 2018

Last Rites get a Rise with New UX Experiences

How to revive funeral rites through the creative use of experience design

The most exciting thing about experience design is its potential to improve everyday life. Beyond setting click paths, designing pretty pages, and ensuring flow, the job of an experience designer is to take a step back, look at the world, and figure out how rising digital behavior can better it by enhancing, enabling and easing pre-existing human behaviour.

To illustrate this point at the recent Adobe Creative Jam in Montreal, I talked about Fragment, a start-up project that aims to transform one of the most difficult moments in life: its end.

Reviving funeral rites in 3 crucial stages

1. Involving the community

2. Creating engaged remembrance

3. Assisting in the mourning process

Using UX for lasting, life-changing results.

DesignNovember 20, 2018

The Complete Guide to the UX Product Design Process by Brad Soroka

This is a long post we’re linking to at Telepathy, but more than a worthwhile read. Brad provides great detail and it’s easy on the eyes with his writing style.

In summary, it is an awesome reference guide! You don’t have to read this in order, feel free to bounce around and discover what might help you at the moment. So before you start scrolling, here’s a taste of what we’ll cover:

  • Defining Product Vision
  • Research and Validation
  • Understanding Design Systems
  • Rapid Ideation
  • Understanding Users and Relationships
  • Preparing to Design
  • Design and Build

Credit where it’s Due:

Brad Soroka (sah-row-kah) is a former Design Manager at Telepathy. Practicing design thinking, agile, and lean methodologies, he solves complex problems for startup, technology, and enterprise companies. A minimalist to the core, he is always working to remove friction — in design and in life — to make space for peace, calm, ease of use, and delight.