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AgenciesNovember 09, 2018

Fighting Stereotypes Will Save Brands & Increase Brand Campaign(s) Effectiveness

The #Unstereotype Alliance is inviting other organisations, even fierce competitors, to collaborate in eliminating stereotypes from advertising. As Santos put it: “It’s good for business, it’s good for brands, it’s good for society.”

“Laziness is not only damaging creativity; it is losing us business and killing brands,” says Santos. “More importantly, laziness is hurting society. And that’s what I want to really change.”


Santos is certain that inclusive and authentic representation of different people in media makes society more progressive.

That motivates her involvement in #Unstereotype, a movement that began internally at Unilever two years ago.

“We started looking at insights,” Santos recalled. “Were they rooted in a human truth, or a broad demographic like gender? We started asking ourselves; what is the role of the person we’re portraying? Are we showing their ambitions, achievements, and aspirations? Or are we portraying only their responsibilities?”