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AgenciesDecember 05, 2018

Conversational Interface Prompts Policy Signups for New Insurance Company Branding

“By using a redesigned application process from Work & Co, Haven Life increased mobile applications by 112%, tablet applications by 59%, and the total number of policyholders by 76%,” said Forrester in a new report that highlights winning strategies for conversational interfaces.

“Crafting a differentiated product that combines a human element with a fully digital experience is a challenging task,” noted Haven Life’s Head of Design, Leslie Kang. “We needed a partner that would match our entrepreneurial spirit and could create exceptional experiences. Work & Co showcased a unique ability to offer original and engaging solutions, like the conversational application, while also iterating quickly based on customer and team feedback.”

Nine months after Haven Life’s relaunched its digital channels, the insurer is seeing a surge in customers, Forrester Research reports.