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Agencies, CultureNovember 22, 2018

What’s it really like for moms and dads in Advertising and how can agencies support them?

Parenting in Adland wanted to know what it is really like for parents in advertising, so we partnered with VMLY&R to conduct the Parenting In Adland survey.

Additionally, they hosted a series of focus groups for Ad Dads to hear how fatherhood has impacted their careers.

It’s Not Just a Mom’s Thing

Nine in ten moms and eight in ten dads agree that “the advertising agency is a challenging place for parents.”

The advertising agency is a challenging place for parents

Moms think…

“I feel like I am five years behind men of my same age. I’m currently pregnant and was placed on a mommy account with no mentor and low visibility in the agency.”

Dads think…

“Leaving the office ‘on time’ to make it home for family dinner and bedtime I believe creates a perception that you are not as hungry or passionate as those who seem to never leave or clock out.”

A Final Word…

As an industry that prides itself on exceptional creativity, it is time to recognize that culture matters too.