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AgenciesSeptember 19, 2018

An extract from a recent Landor interview resonates. Hospitality was very different a decade ago.

Hotels & Hospitality

“Last week I had lunch with a friend who works in hospitality branding for a large chain. As she sipped on her raspberry lemonade, she confessed that her job was much easier 10 years ago, when her primary responsibility was ensuring that the brand’s guidelines were meticulously followed by all its properties around the world.

Fast-forward to today. My friend wakes up every morning fearful of the possibility of a brand crisis. The rise of social media has turned every guest into a reviewer, and one negative or even slightly unpleasant experience can turn into a bad, very public mark against the brand, especially on sites like TripAdvisor, which has amassed huge power and influence over hotel brands. My friend’s role has transformed from focusing on logos and guidelines to managing the whole brand experience, including anything and everything that could influence guests’ perceptions of the brand.”

Hospitality branding goes far beyond logos and labels in today’s complex marketplace. Lulu Raghavan lays out five ways that hospitality brands can maximize their business potential.