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Agencies, Film ProductionDecember 14, 2018

Only got 6 seconds for your ad? Then take some tips from Alfred Hitchcock.

Can you even be bothered to read this first sentence?

It has become a bit of a cliché to say we’re bombarded with information and messaging constantly these days.

And as such, this plethora of choice and noise has eroded audiences’ attention span to less than eight seconds – which, if true, gives little space for creatives to play in now.

Nevertheless, given the almost infinite number of ways to amuse themselves online, it’s a fact that today’s audience is much less tolerant of boredom

With this in mind, our work now must work that much harder in a much more confined space of time – hence the rise of the six-second format on YouTube.

In an era of increasingly deficient attention spans, creatives are finding themselves working with ever tightening time-formats – but this shouldn’t be something to be scared of, writes BBH’s Arthur Tsang