Agencies, CultureNovember 24, 2018

Legacies are about Today and Tomorrow, not just yesterday.

In an age when it’s more common to think in terms of minutes instead of years, are lasting brands relics of the past? Is legacy—that which endures—becoming a scarce resource?

A Modern Legacy…

The modern legacy mindset represents a forward shift in brand-building better suited to the challenges of a fast-paced global economy. Rather than measuring what is le behind, modern legacy is measured in the wealth of experiences that today’s enduring leaders and brands bring to life each day.

With colorful reporting and cogent analysis, Miller and Conley reveal the five key ways modern legacy is transforming business today—personally, behaviorally, influentially, unconventionally, and perpetually.

At its heart, Legacy in the Making is for and about people who believe in writing the future rather than reading from history.

A clarion call for long-term thinking in a short-term world, this book illustrates how today’s forward-thinking leaders can translate their ambition into a lifetime of significance.

Are you ready to build your own modern legacy?

Agencies, CultureNovember 22, 2018

What’s it really like for moms and dads in Advertising and how can agencies support them?

Parenting in Adland wanted to know what it is really like for parents in advertising, so we partnered with VMLY&R to conduct the Parenting In Adland survey.

Additionally, they hosted a series of focus groups for Ad Dads to hear how fatherhood has impacted their careers.

It’s Not Just a Mom’s Thing

Nine in ten moms and eight in ten dads agree that “the advertising agency is a challenging place for parents.”

The advertising agency is a challenging place for parents

Moms think…

“I feel like I am five years behind men of my same age. I’m currently pregnant and was placed on a mommy account with no mentor and low visibility in the agency.”

Dads think…

“Leaving the office ‘on time’ to make it home for family dinner and bedtime I believe creates a perception that you are not as hungry or passionate as those who seem to never leave or clock out.”

A Final Word…

As an industry that prides itself on exceptional creativity, it is time to recognize that culture matters too.

CultureNovember 06, 2018

A Humans’ physical experience with a Brand is the Brand. In our Digital World, physical is disruptive.

Scott Galloway makes lots of predictions. Some right, some wrong, some kinda right or kinda wrong depending on what side you’re on.

As a marketing professor at NYU Stern, he has a lot of insight into the future of brands.

“The Four” is not a shoutout to a misdirected Golf shot, or a New Boy Band, it’s a Bestselling Book about Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

It’s all about “controlling the experience,” he says. Or, more precisely, the retail environment that products live in will have a greater influence on our pre-purchase decisions than traditional advertising.

Galloway is pretty blunt with his prediction: “Retail is supposedly dying? I think we’re going to see a massive reallocation of capital out of traditional advertising into distribution.

That’s what Apple did. And there’s a ton of people who should think about doing the same thing.”